Welcome to the Lemme project of the GNU Mailman suite. Lemme is an authenticating REST proxy which can be exposed on the internet and allows users to script their mailing lists, subscriptions, and more.

The Mailman core exposes a administrative REST API for privileged use by trusted clients. These include Postorius as the web ui, and HyperKitty as the archiver. However the core’s REST API should never be exposed on the public internet because by design it doesn’t support authentication or permissions.

Lemme is the component of the Mailman suite that does provide authentication and permissions. On the back-end, it speaks to the core’s administrative REST API. On the front-end, it exposes that REST API, but enforces permissions such that only authenticated users with the right roles are allowed to perform certain operations.

Lemme is a new project, based in large part on Andrew Stuart’s Mailmania. Lemme is named after famous bass player and founder of Motörhead, Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister.